Cambridge, Dell, and Intel Forge Partnership to Deliver UK's Fastest AI Supercomputer, Dawn

In a significant leap forward for the UK’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, a groundbreaking partnership between the University of Cambridge, Dell Technologies, and Intel has resulted in the deployment of Dawn, the UK’s fastest AI supercomputer. This cutting-edge machine, unveiled on November 2, 2023, marks a pivotal moment in the UK’s pursuit of AI leadership and innovation.

Dawn’s extraordinary computational prowess, boasting a peak performance of 462 petaflops, positions it as a powerful tool for addressing critical challenges in various fields, including healthcare, engineering, green fusion energy, climate modeling, and frontier science. With its ability to process vast amounts of data and perform complex simulations, Dawn promises to accelerate research and development, driving breakthroughs and shaping the future of AI applications.

The collaboration between the University of Cambridge, Dell Technologies, and Intel played a crucial role in bringing Dawn to fruition. The University of Cambridge’s expertise in AI research and development provided the foundation for Dawn’s design and implementation. Dell Technologies, a leading provider of computing infrastructure, contributed its cutting-edge PowerEdge XE9640 servers, renowned for their versatility and efficient liquid cooling technology. Intel, a pioneer in microprocessor technology, powered Dawn with its high-performance Intel Xeon Platinum processors, ensuring exceptional computational power and energy efficiency.

The deployment of Dawn represents a significant milestone in the UK’s AI strategy, aligning with the government’s vision of establishing the UK as a global leader in AI innovation. Dawn is expected to serve as a national asset, providing researchers and industry partners with access to world-class computing resources, fostering collaboration, and driving advancements in various domains.

The impact of Dawn extends beyond academia and industry. Its computational power is anticipated to contribute to solving societal challenges, such as improving healthcare outcomes, developing sustainable energy solutions, and gaining insights into climate change. Dawn’s potential to accelerate scientific breakthroughs and drive innovation holds immense promise for the future.

As the UK’s fastest AI supercomputer, Dawn marks a new era in the country’s AI capabilities. The collaboration between the University of Cambridge, Dell Technologies, and Intel has delivered a powerful tool for scientific discovery and innovation, positioning the UK at the forefront of AI research and development.

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